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Earnest Lee
17 years at Whitestone


"The dispatchers are great and they work well with the drivers! My work schedule is so I can have home time with my family, which is very important to spend time with them and be home."

5 year veteran at Whitestone


“In all of my 35 years of trucking, I have never felt more at

home than I do at Whitestone Transportation. The friendly family atmosphere is genuine and real throughout the company."


Our Drivers

21 year veteran at Whitestone


"I like the people and dispatchers. Everyone here gets along as a family. We get driver bonuses, team bonuses, and single driver bonuses."


Team of Kevin and Becky Lewis

2 years at Whitestone


“We love Whitestone. We don't ever want to leave, we plan to retire from this company!!  No other company in this area (Louisville, GA) can meet what we make at Whitestone.  We make great Team Bonuses and Fuel Bonuses. We get to be at home every weekend! They also pay for our Health Insurance, which is a great benefit!

We are a dedicated team and committed to the Operation and the job we have with Whitestone Transportation."

Rusty Junkin
6 years at Whitestone


"The Dispatchers here are really good to us and easy to get along with. The Equipment is great and the on-site shop really takes care of the inventory. They work well with the Drivers.

Hometime is a big deal to me, I am home Every weekend!

Our Safety Department does a great job too. That makes it a lot easier for us to be better drivers and more safety conscious!"

Austin Lundy
2 years at Whitestone


"This is the best company I’ve ever worked for! They really take care of their drivers.  The equipment is well taken care of and the On-Site shop keeps the trucks Rollin.

I came to Whitestone because I wanted to be a part of the family.“